Cylinders vs. Tanks

There are two basic categories of propane storage containers DOT cylinders and ASME tanks.

Propane Cylinders for transportation are built to Department of Transportation (DOT) specificaions and their capacity is expressed in pounds of water. A popular example of a propane cylinder is one used the size used on barbeques known as a 20 pounds cylinder. Cylinder sizes range from a portable 5lbs cylinder to a residental storage size of a 420lbs cylinder. For cylinder sizes and specifications see our cylinder specifications page.

Propane Tanks for permanent installation are built to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) boiler and pressure vessel standards and their capacity is expressed in US Gallons. An example of a ASME Tank is supply for a backup generator, a horizontial 500 gallon tank. For tank sizes and specifications see our tank specifications page.

Eagle Propane Sales' representitives are qualified to assist you in choosing the right size of tank or cylinder for propane supply needs. There are required clearances for safety regulations, Eagle Propane Sales' knowledgable technicians assist in choosing proper location for your propane tank that meet compliances required by the provincial safety authority.