Terms & Conditions

Below you will find an overview of the terms and conditions regarding services, rented equipment, and fees of your invoice. Please refer to your rental agreement for exact details of the terms of your individual agreement. 

Tank Rental - Eagle Propane Sales will rent to the customer propane storage tank or cylinder and various equipment. Appliances, parts, piping and servicing of equipment are not included in the rental. The customer agrees to pay Eagle Propane Sales annual rent during the period of the rented equipment. The amount of rent for the equipment varies as per type of equipment, size of tank(s), customer's propane fuel usage, and loaction of address. Eagle Propane agrees to verbally instruct the Customer on the safe and proper use of the rented equipment supplied by Eagle Propane Sales, and the Customers and emploees, servants and tenants expressly agree to abide by the operational instructions provided by Eagle Propane Sales. The Customer agrees and assumes all risks in the use of the rented equipment, installed appliance(s), and propane fuel, and save Eagle Propane Sales harmless from and against all claims and liabilites for injury or death of persons or damage to property caused by or arise from the use and misuse by the Customer and it;s employees, servants and tenants.

Propane Supply - The Customer agrees to purchase propane fuel for the rented equipment solely from Eagle Propane Sales Ltd and Eagle Propane will promptly deliver and sell required propane fuel used by the Customer as long as the rental agreement is upheld. The Propane Fuel price may change during the term of this agreement at the sole discretion of Eagle Propane Sales Ltd. Fuel prices may increase and decrease without notice and the Customer with be required to pay the price quoted on the delivery invoice at the time of delivery. The Customer shall ensure that access to the rented equipment shal not be limited by any object as to hinder the delivery of the propane fuel. The Customer shall ensure that all pets be restained, so as not to interfere or otherwise hinder the delivery of propane fuel by Eagle Propane Sales's staff or agents.

Maintenance - Eagle Propane Sales agrees to maintain the equipment in accordance with accepted industry standards and safety. The Customer agrees to maintain the propane piping and appliances in accordance with accepted industry standards and safety. The Customer shall not move or relocate the rented equipment without the consent of Eagle Propane Sales. In the event the rented equipment is damaged while in the custody of the Customer, the Customer is responsible for the cost of replacement.

Termination of Service - The Customer may terminate the rental agreement by giving written notice thirty (30) days prior to the expiry of the rental agreement or thirty (30) days prior to the day in which the Customer wants the rented equipment removed. In the event of the removal of the rented equipment the customer agrees to pay the required pickup charge to Eagle Propane Sales for the labour associated with the disconnecting service or removing equipment. Any reimbursements of unused propane fuel in rented equipment will be entirely at the discretion of Eagle Propane Sales.

Moving, Selling or Renting of Property - It is the responsiblity of the Customer to give written notice to Eagle Propane Sales in the event of the selling of or moving from the property that the rented equipment is located. The Customer is responsible to settle with the new owners of the property any price amount for propane existing in the tank and rental credit at the time of sale or move and Eagle Propane Sales agrees to transfer the rental agreement to any new owners of the property. In the event there are tenants using propane fuel from the rented equipment, it is the responsiblity of the Customer to inform the tenants of the requirements of the rental agreement, and the Customer agrees to notify Eagle Propane Sales of any change of tenants.

Default -   In the event the Customer breaches any provision of the rental agreement or default in payment of any indebtedness to Eagle Propane Sales, Eagle Propane may suspend deliveries and/or may terminate the agreement without prejudice to any other rights or remedies Eagle Propane Sales may have hereunder of by law.

Late Charges - This charge is assessed when the Customer does not pay bill within the established and is designed to recover collection and related cost incurred by Eagle Propane Sales. Late charge is applied at a rate of 2.5% per month. A charge of $35.00 will be assigned for any dishonoured cheque returned due to insufficient funds.