Our Team

Our delivery drivers are trained and certified to industry standards and safety practices. All our staff upgrade their training on a regular basis to promote safety and knowledge. Eagle Propane’s safety officers regularly attend meetings with federal and provincial governing bodies to be up to date on upcoming and newly released safety standards and regulations. Our head safety officer regularly attends federal, provincial, and local committees to promote the development of policies regarding safety standards of the industry with the community in mind.
In our fleet we have two propane delivery vehicles. The larger five tonne truck has the capacity to supply to large tanks and loads. The smaller three tonne truck has the ability to maneuver around and deliver to smaller tight driveways and hard to reach locations. Both trucks are equipped with a 150 foot hose reel which allows us to reach a variety of locations short or long distances from roads and/or driveways. Our entire vehicle fleet is regularly maintained and inspected to keep the fleet safe and efficient.