Propane Tanks

Propane tanks and cylinders are a means of storing liquified propane gas (LPG) under pressure and enables the use of propane gas as a source of energy. Available in many different sizes engineered and designed for propane containment at high pressures.

Eagle Propane Sales requires propane storage tanks to be installed to proper tank installation requirements for your own safety and the safety of your family. Industry safety standards, codes, clearances and practices change with in the industry. For information on propane tank installations clearances and requirements see our Tank and Clearance page.

Eagle Propane Sales stays informed of these changes and requires that all propane tanks and cylinders are up to date with these changes. It is of the utmost importance that individuals do not attempt to make repairs or modifications to their propane tanks and system. Installations, modifications, repairs and maintenance on propane tanks and systems should only be performed by those who are qualified and certified to do so. Improperly installations not only can be harmful to the appliance but most importantly can be potentially dangerous to your health.

It can not be stressed enough to only have qualified service technicans work on your propane system, Eagle Propane Sales has a team of qualified experts and are more than happy to help and assist you in all your propane needs.