Refund Policy


General Refund Policy
All sales of merchandise, parts and materials are final. Manufacture warranties apply to parts but not on labour or services performed.

Service and Labour Refund Policy
As service and prices are quoted prior to service, the labour charges are final. If there is any discrepancy in price quoted for the service preformed please contact the serviceman or the general manager to express discrepancy, and a resolution will be made.
As a service provider our customer satisfaction is important to us, in the event that the service preformed didn’t fix the problem that was hired to do we will reassess the problem. Additional charges still may apply depending on the service that is preformed to fix the problem.

Rental Tank and Propane Fuel
In the event you would like to cancel the tank rental agreement, we require that you submit written notice to the office either by mail, or e-mail by using the Account Change Form. The refund of the existing rental of tank will be refunded to the person(s) that the rental agreement was made with. Eagle Propane Sales is under no obligation to refund the customer for any unused propane fuel remaining in the rental tank. Any reimbursements will be entirely at the discretion of Eagle Propane Sales Ltd, service charges for the pickup of the propane tank, measurement and the pump out of propane may be applied.