Propane as an Auto Gas

Propane powers more than 15 million vehicles in more than 38 countries. The reason is clear, propane provides fleet managers with cost-effective, clean, safe, and reliable alternative fuel. Canada produces billions of litres of propane a year, extracted from natural gas and refiend from crude oil at facilities across Canada. Less than 1% was imported and 40% was consumed in Canada. With tremendous capacity to produce an abundant supply of propane, using propane as a automotive fuel would greenhouse gases and pollution that plagues the automotive industry.

Propane as an autogas offers business fleets significantly lower cost of ownership, infrastructure costs that are a faction of that of the alternatives, and a solid return on investment even before tax incentives. Propane is recognized as a clean fuel, the vehicle conversions cost less that any other fuel alternative. Propane has existing fuel infrastructure and new infrastructure is relatively inexpensive compare to new infrastructure for other alternative clean fuel sources. Fleets can expect to pay $0.40 to $0.60 less than retail gasoline and the operating costs per mile is calculated by some fleets to be five times less for propane than gasoline. You should always follow manufacturer's recommendation on maintenance, but propane fleets find they can extend the time between oil changes, thereby further reducing cost. Compared to gasoline, propane is the only fuel that saves money for fleets even in the absence of government incentives. Propane as an automotive fuel will pay for itself over the expected life of the vehicle through lower fuel costs and much lower cost of maintenance.

Eagle Propane Sales expects propane to quickly gain popularity in the commercial fleet market. If you are interested in looking at converting your fleet please feel free to contact us at 250-744-2929 or by e-mail.