Cost Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips is $ Savings

Maintenance - Regular use of a propane appliance requires regular maintenance, it is recommended to have all your propane appliances serviced yearly. If you find you don't use the appliance regularly it is still recommended that you  have your appliances serviced as to keep bugs and pest out of the appliance and keep it in good working order. No only does a servicing keep the appliance running more efficiently, in those stormy power outages when you need it the most you will be safe knowing your appliance is in good working order.

Thermostat -  A programmable thermostat and turning down the heat when you are not home can save 2-5% in your heating bill.

Fireplace - Pilots on fireplaces are great for convenience of not having to relight the fireplace when you want to use it, however they consume propane and we recommend turning off the pilots at the end of the season when you are finished using the fireplace on a regular basis (turn off during the summer).

Waterheater - Turning down your hot water tank 10º can save you more than 10% on your water heating costs. Draining your hot water tank once a year can increase efficiency by removing lime and sediments.